As part of our partnership with the New Zealand Government, Tāwhaki launched an aerospace demonstration event for whānau at Kaitorete whenua on 4 September 2022.

It was an opportunity for whānau to connect with the whenua, learn more about aerospace, and explore the combinations of mātauranga Māori, aerospace innovations and science.

Activities on the day included: flight demonstrations, information sharing, simulation test flights as well as a wānanga about future opportunities and aspirations for Tāwhaki.

Kaitorete is home to Aotearoa’s first multi-use aerospace research site – owned and operated by the Joint Venture. We are developing this in a phased approach to ensure that the activities work well with the whenua, including the development of space launch options. There is a big focus on generating a sustainable and viable future for our people and place. Our mahi also includes the development of a whenua rejuvenation plan for Kaitorete and the creation of pathways from education to employment for rangatahi.

Whānau involvement and engagement is critical as it allows us all the chance to connect, learn, and build with one another.

The event sparked the imaginations of many and opened kōrero around the possibilities of what exists beyond the visible sky.

Watch the Tāwhaki Whānau Aerospace Demonstration Wānanga here.