Our Statement of Strategic Intent was developed to establish our moemoeā (vision), ngā uara (values) and pou (strategic priorities). The outcomes we are seeking to achieve, alongside our commitment to success, will advance Tāwhaki.

Our vision inspires us: “While we look to the sky, so must we keep our feet firmly in the whenua.”

Tāwhaki reached to the heavens to gather mātauranga. Through a rejuvenated Kaitorete, we will retrace the journey of Tāwhaki to grow that mātauranga for the future of people and planet.

This will include the following:

  1. Heal and rejuvenate the unique whenua at Kaitorete.

An area of significant cultural importance renowned for its mahinga kai, taonga species and history. Home to numerous threatened and locally endemic plant, invertebrate, birds, and reptile species, with internationally recognised ecological value.

  1. Advance Aotearoa’s aerospace industry.

Through the development of aerospace activities and R&D facilities on the whenua, there is the potential to generate significant and regenerative economic outcomes through job creation, capital investment and ancillary opportunities.

Our values ground us:

Auahatanga:  We are creative, innovative, solutions-based

Taitīakina: We actively tend, guard, take care of Kaitorete

Whakapapa: We value and respect relationships between people and the natural world order

Manawanui: Enduring, courageous, focused on the kaupapa

Our four strategic pou guide us:

Tangata: Through Kaitorete, we will maintain and grow the cultural capacity of whānau and hapū to ensure they remain firmly connected to Kaitorete and any future uses of the whenua.

Taiao: Kaitorete is healed, rejuvenated, and nourished for future generations.

Ara Tukutuku: Tāwhaki is a world-leading Indigenous aerospace partner.

Whakatupu: Regenerative economic opportunities are created that enrich the lives of whānau and hapū, and contribute to the economic development of Ōtautahi, and Aotearoa.

Download the full document: 2022-2024 Statement of Strategic Intent (4MB)